By Josephine Reid

Dress A Med had the privilege of speaking with Board Certified Internal Medicine physician, Be Well Founder and CEO, Public Speaker and advocate for the disappearance of the pay gap, Dr. Lisa Ashe.

On Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, we are thrilled to share this intimate and raw conversation about Dr. Ashe’s experience as a Black female doctor and her answer to financial freedom for women.

By the year 2025, what significant changes would you like to see specifically for African American female doctors and the medical community in the U.S.?

We need more access. Black and Brown women definitely have less access to quality health care facilities, especially education and all of those things. I would like to see an initiative…

By Cindy Lima

New app Nicoboard is educating parents in how to make the best decision for their baby during the NICU journey.

App Origin Story

Twins Nicolette and Bexley both were born 15 weeks earlier than their due date. Both babies were born 1.5 pounds each and with many serious medical conditions of the result of being born earlier. Baby Bexley managed to survive despite being in the hospital for 110 days. However, his sister baby Nicolette did not share the same fate. She passed away during surgery after only 27 days of being born.

The parents by the name of Phil…

QUESTION: Given obesity now costs the US more money than smoking related illnesses, should junk food be treated in the same way as cigarettes?


There have surely been studies to help support the notion that junk food may be as addictive as heroin and tobacco.

Obesity researchers found fatty and sugary snacks trigger the same ‘pleasure centers’ in the brain that drive people into drug addiction — making them binge on unhealthy food, according to Daily Mail. These findings could partly explain the soaring obesity rates.

The direct and additional hidden costs of obesity are restraining businesses and organizations that create jobs and growth in U.S. cities. In the 10 cities with the highest obesity rates, the direct costs connected with obesity and…

QUESTION: Should obesity be treated like a nasty personal habit like smoking?


Obesity is a well-known and massive problem in the U.S. According to CNN, It rivals smoking in terms of its health hazards, As a society working to improve the overall health of all, we have made gigantic leaps and bounds in reducing rates of smoking. Smoking bans on airplanes, in public buildings, in restaurants, have greatly assisted in reducing smoking.

Ad campaigns aimed at teenagers, higher insurance premiums for smokers and higher taxes on cigarettes have also helped. These measures have driven millions of smokers…

QUESTION: Why is med school so expensive?


To understand the reason behind the steep cost of medical school, there has to be knowledge of the various additional factors beyond the already shocking sticker price. Medical school costs and debt does not begin and end with the actual four-year education and additional residency training that students go through to become a doctor.

Graduates also accumulate expenses related to application fees, lab fees, hospital scrubs, the cost of living, transportation costs, licensure fees, student loan repayment, malpractice insurance premiums, private practice expenses, and continuing education costs.

For some, being unable to pay off student loans…

Josephine Reid

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