New App Nicoboard Educates Parents In The NICU

By Cindy Lima

New app Nicoboard is educating parents in how to make the best decision for their baby during the NICU journey.

App Origin Story

Twins Nicolette and Bexley both were born 15 weeks earlier than their due date. Both babies were born 1.5 pounds each and with many serious medical conditions of the result of being born earlier. Baby Bexley managed to survive despite being in the hospital for 110 days. However, his sister baby Nicolette did not share the same fate. She passed away during surgery after only 27 days of being born.

The parents by the name of Phil and Jude would never be able to forget that moment. While the twins were in the hospital both parents felt powerless by seeing that they could not help their children. Phil and Jude were uneducated about how to make the best decisions for their twins. They came up with a brilliant solution so other parents would never have to go through what they had been. Nicolette’s purpose is to educate parents into making the best decision while navigating the NICU system.

New App Nicoboard

The parents began a startup in order to educate other parents into making the right decisions while their babies are hospitalized. Nicolette is the name of the startup. The new app Nicoboard offers parents NICU patients’ electronic health record data. The app allows the parents to understand the data in a simpler way in order to make the right decisions for their baby.

The service will cost hospitals $10,000 each month. Some state that the amount is too much for hospitals to afford. There isn’t enough funding in hospitals in order to pay for the costly service. Phil CEO of Nicolette states that the service’s price tag has not been questioned so far. The world will have to see if Nicolette is adapted by hospitals nationwide.

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