We are Misrepresented Once Again

It’s very unfortunate that 48 Hills published a story smearing my community and me in an effort to take down a well-respected leader. What is more unfortunate is that he took what I said 3 years ago out of context to make a misleading political point.

Contrary to what Tim Redmond suggested in the article, I am an ally for the Transgender Community and have been an advocate in the Chinese American community on the importance of understanding and respect for the LGBT community. I always work to bridge the gap in the cultural differences between the Chinese community and our larger society.

The issue he was citing is a great example of this. In 2013, when the AB1266 came out, I was a part of an effort that in the Asian communities to create a more comfortable environment for everyone. My daughters had told me unpleasant stories of bullies in school who target people who are different, those who came from other cultures, and those with different sexual orientation. As a single mother, I have felt their pain and did not want other children to be bullied simply due to their country of origin or their sexual orientation. This is why I worked relentlessly with the Chinese immigrant community towards a better solution. Together we took action to advocate for gender neutral single stalls, and that advocacy was ahead of the curve to address bullying behavior and to prevent bullies from harassing our students because of any perceived differences. The last thing we want is for bullies to harass our children in the bathroom.

We are very proud that we have always made an effort to voice our opinion on behalf of members of the local Asian communities, and to take a stance on issues that help make progressive solutions that everyone can hopefully agree on. Asian American and immigrant communities have contributed to our diverse society with their traditions and values that have been cherished in our culture. It is important for me as a community leader to speak for them while also helping to mediate any cultural differences in a tolerant and compassionate way. I’m disappointed that there is an effort to divide the Asian American and immigrant communities from the LGBT community. I feel hurt that I was used as a target by a sensationalist journalist who does not understand the full extent of the issue or the work that I do. I invite Mr. Redmond to learn more about me and my members before smearing my work and the work of the my community.

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