73 Days to Grow, Build a Portfolio, and be Admitted to Architecture School.

My name is Joseph Ippolito, I’m 19 years old and attending the University of Oregon, in beautiful rainy Eugene, Oregon. My dream is to become an architect, the only problem is, I’m not currently in the school of architecture here at my university. The reason for this being that when I applied to school I didn’t have a portfolio (a collection of artistic works that admissions officers could assess my creativity from in order to grant me admission). As a result of this I went through my freshman year Undeclared. To make matters worse, before I applied to school I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease from which I nearly lost 20 pounds. In my weakened state, I ignored my parents advice and left my home in San Francisco to come to college. Long story short I suffered miserably.

Now it’s the begginning of my second year here, and I’m returning on new medication completely healthy with the mindset that I can’t not be accepted. I’ve decided I will be granted admission to the architecture program here and I will not let a lack of experience in creative expression stop me. Follow my journey, I’ll be experimenting with new mediums every day and posting the results, developing a professional portfolio of works through creative immersion.

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