Super Mario Characters’ Names

Joseph j Christiansons
May 30 · 3 min read

Super Mario Bros. for old school Nintendo was launched on September thirteen, 1985… or perhaps just twenty five years ago today.

When I discovered that out I did 2 things. For starters, I whipped out the copy of mine (yes, I ensure that it stays that real/nerdy which I still need a well used NES connected in the room) of mine and then made sure I will be able to match the game at will. (I can. Childhood not wasted.)

Second, I launched down a rabbit hole of reading through Mario sites and Articles and Wikis. In the procedure, I stumbled upon the etymologies of the labels of several of the main players in the Mario universe. Therefore, in honor of the video game which changed the planet, in this article they’re, provided in useful 11 item list form.


When Mario debuted in the arcade game Donkey Kong, he was simply known as Jumpman. (Which also is the generic brand regarding that Michael Jordan spread leg Nike logo. 2 of the most renowned icons actually each have generic versions of themselves called Jumpman. But merely one has nowadays arrived at a point of being extremely effective he shaved himself a Hitler mustache before filming a business and nobody had the balls to fix him.)

In 1980, as the Nintendo of America staff imported Jumpman to raise him right into a franchise leading star (Hayden Christensen style), somebody seen he looked like their Seattle office building’s landlord… a guy called Mario Segale.

Mario Segale did not obtain a cent for being the namesake of probably the most prominent video game persona perhaps, though he most likely is not too concerned; in 1998 he sold his asphalt company for over sixty dolars million. (Or 600,000 additional lives.)


Luigi has among probably the weakest name roots of all of the heroes in the Mario universe (once again displaying exactly why, in life that is real, he would have a larger inferiority complex than Frank Stallone, Abel or even that last Manning brother).

“Luigi” is actually the product of a team of Japanese men trying to consider an Italian brand to enhance “Mario.” Why was the Italian brand they went with? When they each moved from Japan to Seattle, the pizza spot nearest to the Nintendo headquarters known as Mario & Luigi’s. (It has since gone out of business.)


Koopa is a transliterated model of the Japanese name of the adversary turtles, “Kuppa.” Stick with me right here — kuppa is the Japanese term for a Korean dish called gukbap. Generally it is a cup of soup with grain. From what I could tell it is totally unrelated to turtles, particularly malicious ones.

In an interview, Mario’s originator, Shigeru Miyamoto, stated he was deciding between 3 labels that are different because of the racing of evil turtles, all of which have been named after Korean foods. (The additional 2 were yukhoe and bibimbap.) And that means among 2 things: (one) Miyamoto loves Korean food and needed to provide it with a tribute or perhaps (two) Miyamoto believes Koreans are evil and must be jumped on.


I sort of skipped the debut of Wario — he debuted in 1992, right around when I was hitting the era just where I was extremely cool for cartoon y Nintendo games. (Me and my middle school buddies were into Genesis only. I was again on Nintendo within 4 years.)

Turns out his title functions both in Japanese and english; I kinda assumed the English fashion but did not know about the Japanese element. In English, he is an evil, bizarro community mirror image of Mario. The “M” flips to be a “W” as well as Wario is born. The title likewise functions in Japanese, wherever it is a blend of Mario and “warui,” that means “bad.”

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