Democrats Must Override Hogan’s Veto of Paid Sick Leave

Photo Credit: Maryland Democratic Party

Governor Hogan just announced that while he “fully supports” paid sick leave for Marylanders who “need it”, he will veto the only bill to ever pass the General Assembly providing it for those Marylanders. What? Like is this a joke? You support the bill but then you don’t?

The time for political games on this issue is over.

Far too many working people are fighting just to get by. For five years legislators have debated this issue. The time for action is NOW.

Maryland Democrats believe the promise of paid leave for the 700,000 people who need it cannot wait any further. If Governor Hogan follows through on his plan to veto this legislation, Democrats, all of them, in both chambers must act to override that veto during the next legislative session. Fortunately voters gave us just that power during the last elections when they sent a veto-proof Democratic majority to Annapolis. When HB1 passed the General Assembly it did so with just enough votes in the Senate to survive a veto. The job of Democrats and all progressives for that matter now is to ensure we build on those votes.

January 2018 is just around the corner so do you know where your legislator stands on this bill?