Luther Strange vs Ronald Burris, the tale two Senate appointments.

Senator Ronald Burris (D-IL)
Senator Luther Strange (R-AL)

So let’s talk about Alabama and the tale of a Senate appointment. Today Governor Robert J. Bentley resigned. This is after over a year of investigation into huge corruption surrounding an affair with an aide. This story made me remember another governor forced out of office but in Illinois.

After Barack Obama resigned his seat in the Senate news soon broke that Rob Blagojevich was being arrested for attempting to sale the seat. Following the news Governor Blagojevich did nominate former 4 term Comptroller and Attorney General Ronald Burris. However because the appointment was caught up in a corruption scandal Democrats, in the majority at the time, had refused to seat him. It took a ruling of the State Supreme Court to force their hand.

Fast forward to today. Bentley has been dogging these rumors for over a year. Republicans in the State House wanted to launch an investigation into the rumors and possibly remove him. That was until then-Attorney General Luther Strange intervened. He begged the Alabama House to hold off. To allow him to investigate the governor. In November Donald Trump won the White House and nominated Jeff Sessions, the Senator for Alabama, for Attorney General. Guess who Governor Bentley nominated for the Senate? You’re right, Mr. Luther Strange himself. However guess what Republicans who are now in the majority did when a nominee from a governor under investigation arrived in Washington? They seated him. What makes it even more interesting is the Alabama Comptroller is actually suing Governor Bentley and Senator Strange because, according to him, state law requires a special election and prohibits an interim appointment.

Go figure.