Five reasons you should apply to a Caribbean Medical School

Caribbean medical school

Are you unsure about whether you should apply to a Caribbean Medical School or not? If you pick the right Caribbean Medical School, you’ll find yourself at the same level as any pass-out from a U.S. medical school is. Obviously, you’ll be much better off than any other average medical student in India.

So, let’s keep these things in mind and see why you should apply to a Caribbean medical school.

1. Evaluation system

Consider this as a boon rather than a bane. Most of the medical education don’t ask for any minimum test score, they don’t even ask for an MCAT score from U.S. residents. They evaluate the students on the basis of a minimum criteria and their general inclination towards medical studies.

2. Higher acceptance rate

Almost 60% of the applicants are rejected every year and a rejection means you’ll have to wait for a complete year to apply again. Whether you get into it this second time or not is another story. Due to a large number of applicants, it’s nearly impossible to get into a top medical school in India.

Imagine how much a year will cost you in your medical career which already takes longer to build than any other profession! Now, evaluate whether a Caribbean Medical School will be a good idea or not.

3. Better curriculum

Caribbean Medical Schools have a better level of education than many of the Indian medical schools. The faculties are more dedicated towards the welfare of the students and are more concerned about your overall development as a physician than just making you cram the facts, as is a known fact in India. Read more about US clinical rotations.

4. Practice in U.S.A

Many of the Caribbean medical schools are affiliated with U.S. government to not only provide you clinical rotations in the country but also make your eligible to practice in the United States as a physician. If you have dreams of settling in the United States after finishing your medical studies, you can go to a Caribbean medical school.

5. Diversified environment

A Caribbean medical school mostly accepts students from different countries and hence, you’ll be able to meet people from various regions and nationalities. Your comfort level will be much higher as all of you will be able to connect better. You wouldn’t feel too weird as everyone will be able to resonate your feelings and understand you better.

As an Indian who wants to study medicine but wants a better level of education, teaching and a good chance of settling in a first-world country, a Carribean medical school is the best option.

Know more about studying medicine in a Caribbean medical school at the AUSOM website.

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 August 31, 2016 at 03:25PM

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