Photo: Jakob Owens

17 organizations that could use your support under a Trump presidency

I recently wrote an extended post-election essay about how some groups in America could come under threat during a Trump presidency given the policies and ideas he put forth during the course of his campaign.

If you’re like me, and you did NOT vote for Trump, you may be just a TAD BIT CONCERNED about some vulnerable minority groups, journalists, or our planet, especially given Trump’s rhretoric and staffing picks the past 72 hours. Knowing his children are now a “key part” of his transition team and Myron Ebell (a guy who doesn’t believe in global warming) is leading the EPA transition doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence. In fact, I’m more terrified now than I was Nov 9th.

So what can you do about it right now?

If you can afford it, support the people and organizations that may become increasingly vulnerable in the years ahead. You can contribute your time or money — whatever you can afford or in whatever way you can. I’ve compiled a list below. I’m in no way affiliated with these organizations. They’re the legitimate ones I’ve heard of throughout the course of my life, but if you know something I’m missing here, do let me know.

If you know of other reputable organizations (without bloated administrative overhead), doing good work in these areas, please let me know in the comments below. I don’t want this list to overwhelm people with choice, but I’m open to adding to/amending it. Also, if any links here become outdated, let me know.

Thank you for playing your part in supporting an open, free, and inclusive America that upholds the rights of all its citizens and plays its part in keeping our world in one piece.

Full disclosure, prior to this election, I had not personally donated to any of these organizations, but just yesterday, I set up recurring donation to the NRDC.