The Crooked Path of Life

It can be said that our path through life is not straight and clear but crooked, with many twists, turns and obstacles.

I was at such a place in life recently, where my path in life took a detour, having to shut down a tech company I spent the past year building, I encountered a sudden and unexpected twist in my own story…but being a restless creator, I decided to turn failure into art & have created a game that reflected my existential detour.

It is a pure creative expression.

An aesthetic game imbued with a transformative message to both myself and the world;

‘The path to your destiny, will not always be a straight one’

It is called ‘Crooked Path’.

…and just like life, this game certainly isn’t easy. (ha)

It’s out today (4th August 2016), featured on the front page of the AppStore (!!!) & available in 12 languages.

“Crooked Path is an emotive exploration of life’s twists and turns” — Pocket Gamer
“So maddenning. So hard. And so satisfying to reach the finish!” — Appstore Editors’ Notes
“It is a gorgeous looking game…” — Touch Arcade
“The visuals are gorgeous and minimalistic” — App Army

Get it HERE for iPhone, iPad & AppleTV

Coming to Google Play & Amazon App Store in the coming weeks.