children don’t understand addiction

born void of a soul

mean as the rippling cracks

piercing punishment with a sin

conceived out of their parents pleasure

tearing the womb savages

pure and untouched

unwanted because of myths

in the name of the father

in the name of the son

in the name of the spirit

drowning in their parent’s desperation

choices that should be made on their own

children don’t understand addiction

their mother’s

their father’s

hereditary disease

stunted evolution passing through the breeze

disorder to ritual genetically grained

chastised to baptized

holy trinity forgives

God’s creation, the sin of birth

mother and father can rest comfortably

salvation, three step rehabilitation

baptism, first communion, confirmation

A.A. my name is Jesus’s blood

lining your rose liquored lips

children don’t understand addiction

the lifelong internal struggle

confession only cleanses socially

mental the struggles sing to

judas’s tune

even prophets forgave his crooked way

in the name of the father

in the name of the son

in the name of holy spirit

soul sucked truth

a deep deranged identity

circling the milleniums complex

with no answers of why

their parents addiction

lighting the torch of a

life in roman tradition or

banished affliction