NRA Promoting Civil War in Desperate Bid to Keep Trump in Power
Ladd Everitt

Perhaps if you were to do a teeny tiny bit of research you might stumble upon the NRA’s history of helping blacks arm themselves against the Klan.

Is it remotely possible that the NRA’s failure to adopt Philandro Castile as their poster child for responsible gun ownership might have to do with his having been both under the influence of and in possession of illegal drugs, as well as a firearm, while driving around with a child in the car? Or his failure to follow accepted procedure or respond appropriately to the officers directions, both of which contributed to his unfortunate demise?

Of course not, it has to be due to “their racist bent.” Makes it difficult to explain black NRA spokeswoman Antonia Okafor, doesn’t it?

The NRA is not promoting a civil war. There is already a markedly uncivil war going on, involving riots, assaults, arson, mass shootings, blocking of freeways, shutting down free speech on campuses, and attempted assassinations of congressmen. The fact that some Trump opponents are not doing those things is irrelevant, and does not negate them.

None of this is coming from the right, or from the NRA. It is coming from leftists who want to overturn the results of a lawful election, and jihadis who want to overturn western civilization. And James T. Hodgekinson, who was apparently trying to put the Democrats back in the house majority by killing off enough Republicans.

He was no NRA member, but I daresay those who stopped him from killing everyone on that field and achieving his objective were.

The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun as with a good guy with a gun. You seem to want to disarm the good guys — the bad guys will never be disarmed.