Why you should care about Net Neutrality
Rohan Rajiv

So-called “net neutrality” has nothing to do with content. It simply means that massive consumers of bandwidth, such as Netflix, instead of being charged appropriately and passing the costs on to their customers, get to have everyone else on the internet subsidize their businesses. Kind of like Tesla. Sweet deal for the purchaser of their product, less so for the taxpayers who foot the bill for 85% of it.

The last time the FCC tried to protect consumers from rapacious corporations was when they forced the Baby Bells to make their capacity available to their competitors at or below cost, thereby removing the incentive to build out the last fifty feet of broadband to one’s house. This indirectly caused the dot bomb, because while most of the rest of the world was able to view all of that nifty content at high speed, we were sitting there watching hourglass hang time at 56k. That didn’t change until Bush took office and his FCC chair, Colin Powell’s son, reversed that policy.

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