Joseph Mignone Delaware

Before he became a restaurant owner and operator in Delaware, Joseph Mignone worked in the real estate industry. He offered property management services as part of his work with both Mignone Realtor, Inc. and Joseph Mignone Appraisals, Inc., which means he understands first-hand why people may choose to rent instead of buy. The following are all great reasons that you should consider becoming a tenant.

Maintenance Issues

One of the primary reasons that many choose to rent instead of buying is because they will not have as much responsibility for maintaining their buildings as they would if they owned them. This means that it is the responsibility of your landlord or property manager to carry out major repairs should something go wrong, such as if a window breaks or a boiler breaks down.

Smaller Initial Investment

Many also find that the large amount of capital that needs to be raised before they can purchase property is often a major stumbling block, especially if they want to move as quickly as possible and don’t have the time required to raise the money. Renters, on the other hand, will usually only have to pay a security deposit, a month or two’s rent in advance and the relevant real estate agent fees before moving.

More Freedom

About Joseph Mignone Delaware, who now works in Delaware, notes that renting offers people more freedom in terms of how long they stay in properties than buying does. This is ideal for people who are looking for short-term accommodation or those who find that their work takes them from one place to another.

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