My 2016 New Years Resolutions

I try to write down my resolutions every year to keep myself in check. I’m also a firm believer in having a lot of resolutions, because if you’re gonna go — go big. Here is my list for 2016, in no particular order.

  1. Learn Spanish (or as much Spanish one can possibly learn in a single year) — I live in the Lower East Side an there are many stores + restaurants where Spanish is spoken exclusively. I learned decent Italian after living in Rome in 2006, it is time for me to “bite the bullet” and learn some serious Spanish. I have been meaning to try Duolingo, so this is a good opportunity.
  2. Read 75 Books — I love reading. In 2015, I read 56 books, which I was pretty happy with (although I wish I would have read more and drank less). I learned a lot of valuable information about Ancient Rome, The War on Drugs, the Human Brain, Statistics, behavioral economics, Christianity, Narcos, the history of civilization, and a lot of others in 2016, I’m interested about more world history, behavioral economics, and the causes of human polarization.
  3. Visit Croatia, Italy, Turkey with Cate — I have been to Italy many times and love it and my girlfriend has never been. This year I really want to check out Croatia and Istanbul. Both places looks really interested and have been on my list for a while.
  4. Drink 50% less alcohol — I live in NYC and for the past 5 years have been my own boss, and one of the worst things that comes out of this situation is I drink too much. I want to drink 50% less alcohol than I drank in 2015, which really shouldn’t be that hard.
  5. Work at least 50 hours a week — I took off some time in 2015 to relax and build out my consulting business after my previous business failed. I want to try to work 50–60 hours per week every week.
  6. Go snowboarding Aspen — Every year I go on at least one snowboarding trip. Last year I was in Colorado at Vail and Beaver Creek. I already went to Park City in December, and I want to hit up Aspen in March.
  7. Publish 5 iOS apps in the app store — I have 4 iPhone apps sitting on my computer, waiting for submission, and the only thing holding me back is that the stupid app store submission process around graphic sizes etc. I need to spend a single day figuring out all that shit and then submitting these cool ideas (more blog posts about them as they are submitted).
  8. Buy a house or condo in Buffalo—I grew up outside of Buffalo and the city is really turning around. I want to buy a house or condo there in 2016 and turn it in to my second residence. I love NYC, but I have no interest in participating in the “rat race” here. If a times comes when I can’t afford it, I’m moving back to Buffalo.
  9. Learn to read piano music — Every year I add this to my list of resolutions, and every year it never gets done. I play a lot of piano I learn from Youtube or via my ear. I can currently read music at about a 2/10. I want to be able to read music at a 9/10 a year from now. The only thing holding me back is practice.
  10. Lose 10 pounds — I don’t really need to lose weight but I think it would be fun to lose 10 pounds for sport. I’m currently 201 pounds and 6 foot 1 inches. I exercise 5–6 times a week, (4) should cause an easy 10 pound reduction.
  11. Build a new company, call it— Not so serious about the name (although I do own that domain) but I want to build a new company in 2016. I have a few different ideas, mostly in the marketing space.
  12. Expand my current consulting business, hire 3 new people by end of 2016 — It looks like this is already going to happen but I would like to scale up my current consulting business (5 people)to 3 more engineers. If you’re smart, know how to program and are looking for a full-time job, get at me.
  13. Write one blog post a week — I like writing, but I don’t prioritize it enough. (4) should provide me more time to read, and write blog posts.
  14. Double my number of Twitter followers — This one is pretty lame, but I always add a resolution to double my number of Twitter followers — organically (buying them does not count). (13) will probably help with that.
  15. Visit Napa/Sonoma Valley (again) — I love wine, and I love wines from California. I would never live in San Fransisco but I love to visit and Sonoma is where it is at.
  16. Learn how to make wheat beer — I have always wanted to learn how to make beer, and I think trying to make my favorite winter beer, Guinness, may be a bit ambitious. So hopefully I have 5–6 solid months to learn to make a wheat beer, similar to UFO Wheat right in time for the start of summer.
  17. Invest in bitcoin (in some way) — I’m excited about cryptocurrencies, and I believe in their long term viability. I want to invest in their upside in 2016. I supposed the best way to do that would be to buy bitcoin, but I’m open to other ways also.
  18. Eat out less / eat in more — I cooked a lot in 2015, but I probably went out to eat 130+ times. I would like to bring that down to 75 and become a better cook.
  19. Visit New Orleans — Never been, loved Treme, and it sounds awesome. In 2016 I will be going to Louisiana.
  20. Drive across the country — I have always wanted to drive across the country, from the East Coast to the West Coast. I’m going to do that at some point in 2016.
  21. Have more random meetings with people — I’m basically willing to take a meeting with anyone when I have time. I think it is always worth meeting new people, you never know how how things are going to work out in the future. I want to take more meetings with random people in 2016, weather I solicit them or they solicit me, it does not matter.
  22. Get better at sales — I read a bunch of books in 2015 about sales and have been doing quite a bit of work expanding my consulting company. I want to get better with selling SASS-based applications in 2016, hopefully selling applications that I built personally.
  23. Increase my productivity — I started watching Casey Neistat’s VLOGs in 2015, and think his obsession with productivity is very cool. Although I would say I have decent productivity, it is certainly something I have never focused on improving. I’m going to change that in 2016.
  24. Increase my reading retention — I just finished Nick Caars book “What the Internet Is Doing To Our Brains” and picked up a bunch of ideas on how to improve my reading retention. I plan on reading a few books about other methods in 2016.
  25. Wake up earlier — I usually get up at about 9AM. If I’m going to start working 50/60 hours per week in 2016, I’m going to need to get up earlier and work later. I’m going to try to be in bed by 12 and be up by 8AM every day.
  26. Learn Swift — I’m a big fan of Objective C, but now that Swift is open-source, it is here to stay. I’d like to spend some serious time learning Swift in 2016.
  27. Learn Haskell — I have been wanting to learn this language for years now, and I really think that spending time learning it will make me a much better programmer.
  28. Get better with film editing — I want to start creating youtube content. I have some ideas, and I started messing around with iMovie. I think it is something I could get good at I just need to spend some time doing it.
  29. Be a nicer person — Everyone can improve here.
  30. Stop trolling my mom — I’m my moms biggest troll when it comes to religion, politics, gun rights, etc. She is 64 and isn’t going to change, I need to quit expecting her to and just relax, she is a really awesome mom and doesn’t deserve to be trolled.
  31. Write down more ideas — I have ideas all time time, but I need to write them down more. I also should spend more time thinking through ideas, but writing them down will help me do that.