Andela Boot camp Day 2

I am totally sure that you’ve heard of the name ‘boot camp’. Well Andela sheds a totally new and sparkling light to the definition of what a boot camp is. The pace at which learning is occurring at Andela and mark the word learning can clearly define the state and kind of developers produced or mentored at the vicinity. Among the others, the intangible award that comes with good deeds is emotion. When you help someone solve a problem and in turn see the person help another individual, or the expression made when one finally understands a concept and gets the bigger picture, makes one this is definitely a life long goal.

My day has been indeed busy. Not busy in the sense of ‘I’ve been coding all day’.. Of course I have been coding but the interaction and learning, couldn’t be better! Andela has managed to blend fun, exercises(I mean physical) collaboration and Entertainment which in turn enriches the growth level of every member, including the fellows. This doesn’t only apply to my fellow boot campers because at Andela, everyone is on a growth path, learning simply never stops!

The kind of fulfillment I have, and I assure you I’m not there yet, is the kind that drives one to want to achieve even more, burn that midnight oil just to explore and reflect on the day’s work. Collaborate more and get different points of views, arguing is definitely part of the deal but I assure you after realization of the matter, the feedback is ample! This is surely the most fruitful moment of my life. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step thus regardless of past experience in programming, personal effort, confidence and courage to ask that question or make an attempt definitely scales your growth.