Andela Bootcamp Day One

This turned out to be one of the most exciting days of my life. I literally haven’t had this much fun in any day than the first bootcamp day. At the end of the day I had a headache and I’m used to coding…. but seriously this was just epic! From all the collaboration to the interaction, As a student I got awesome feedback which is greatly appreciated, valued and action is definitely taken to better not only myself but my fellow classmates.

The day started with a little physical exercise which was really fun with other cohort members joining in. The sessions were so interactive and the content… ooh dear! It actually felt like I had been studying for a whole year! The curriculum is well drafted to cater for everyone, even those without a coding background I’m pretty sure everyone had an epic time.

Andela’s community is very close knit with everyone very friendly, open and eager to help. what particularly caught my attention was the networking system around the compound, how well the fellows, facilitators and staff members are welcoming. Andela provides the kind of environment that simply reads out loud ‘Excellence’ which is actually one of Andela’s core values. My fellow classmates each coming from almost a different background (culturewise) facilitate a really open, fun and paced learning environment and of course we all have a passion for technology.

I truly have learnt a lot and if this is how the first day is, what about the after the two weeks? or when I join the other fellows?….which I do pray and hope to? It’s gonna be so much fun and knowledge abundant! Today truly was a good day!