My most challenging learning experience

Research has turned out to be one of my key resources when it comes to learning. It’s also a vital tool when it comes to growth and learning as well. The internet surely makes the world a ‘small village’ with all the interactions happening between different people in different time zones. Thus when one has an issue, various sites and apps are available online where loads of people are contributing, sharing experiences and tips.

Andela provides a learning environment that focuses on key attributes. One of them is problem solving. There are indeed many ways and angles of approaching problems but then what about research? In my point of view, research can sometimes be dangerous! An example? Stack Overflow….I know what you’re thinking…

Well I assume you’re probably guessing what the challenge is in this. I have had past experiences which have led me to do a lot of research but up to a point where I primarily focused on problem solving. It’s a key factor and contributes a lot on growth but collaboration brings out a better, open and more engaging way to solving problems.

Having read, understood and coded an algorithm, or in the case where one is not aware of a module, package or data structure, one has to seek documentation and brain storm with group members. This is actually a pro! rather than just check the solution online, understand the code and test it locally, this puts a lot of emphasis on growth and confidence. The approach has actually turned out to be one of the most engaging and productive experiences. I am sure it has benefited a whole lot of people.