The impact of Socializing

Meeting new people has never been this fun! I am an individual who really likes having fun and interacting with crazy people(in a good way of course). At Andela everyone I’ve met has a very interesting story and background. What caught my attention was the effort put in, their motivators and their visions.

The first Andelan I met is Brian from cohort 2. We had actually met with Brian at the ihub about 4 months ago. Brian gave us very interesting information about Andela, he encouraged us to apply and up to now I can’t thank him enough for the advice. True to his words Andela is an awesome place! Brian is actually one of the most interesting people I have interacted with so far. His journey began from campus studying software engineering and He has been around since 2015. His motivation comes from the fact that he aspires to be an elite developer and he believes that if one is good enough he or she can be resourceful and improve others thus the impact is achieved. He also believes that in a business, the value makes more impact.

I have had past experiences with Monicah, currently in the all-lady cohort and I gotta say She’s one of the most hardworking and committed developers I know. Back in class Monicah used to be the first and leave the last regardless of how far she used to live. The commitment she had was and still is part of my motivators till date. I do consult her when I’m unsure of a path I’m taking. Monicah has an eye in design. She is still one of the best designers I know…and I know a whole lot of them. She clearly defines a pillar of hard work and she is of course a lady in tech which I’m sure is a lot of encouragement to ladies who aspire to become developers.

Bernard is also an Andela fellow I got to interact with. Ben had a presentation from an internet of things hackathon which I must say motivated me a lot! I’m a big fan of hardware manipulation and of course they were using raspberry pi and sensors.(just out of topic a little bit) I’m a big fan of Iron man and I took that presentation as a learning opportunity. it begins with the first step right? I am also really checking out the source code as I want to understand the processing behind it all. Ben was able to achieve that in a team including Antony and John. Ben has also been at Andela for not more than 2 months, I mean the possibilities, opportunities at Andela, endless!

Jimnah is one of the boot campers who has a very interesting background. I have been dong a lot of research on farming recently because of this article. With the availability of the resources stated in the article, farming is one of the industries that will continue appreciating for a long time. Jimnah does onion farming, has been for the last 2 years. His interest in tech rose from some of the challenges he faced during the two year period. One of the key challenges was management, this rose when he was not around the farm. A farm does indeed require a lot of effort and attention in order to maintain the quality of produce. Labor would also turn out to be expensive.

Whitney is my fellow boot camper and I must say a very hardworking lady. She indeed has a very interesting story and background. Whitney has been coding for less than a year. She actually didn’t like programming while in campus but Andela gave her a new point of view on programming. Andela gave her the motivation to improve her coding skills even after she didn’t make it the first time she applied. To be specific, she enjoys and loves coding python. Whitney is one of the few people with interest in art which gives her a chance to express her emotions via a brush and board. She plans on innovating more on the health sector, I do agree with her that’s one of the sectors that needs a lot of improvement. As she quoted, we lack the right technology to do several procedures in hospitals. She describes herself as a shy and simple girl who loves the finer things in life.

The Andela community is a really diverse and open community, communication is strong, bonding is super and of course learning is always part of the channel. Getting to interact with more people actually does broaden an individual’s view. One important lesson that Andela has taught me is learning never stops and one vision that Andela has made clear to me is that there’s more to coding than just sites and apps. There’s so much to conquer!

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