What is in store for me?

Wouldn’t we all like to know? Rewind to late May of 2016, I was driving all over the east coast heading home from my final hoorah of the college daze. What a journey, what a journey. At that moment my mind was fluttered with assumptions of career paths and ideas of what I am suppose to do. “I’m going do this, I’m going to do that.” I certainly didn’t know I would be doing this though.

The Start of it all —

I must say being just another “suit” and conforming to the whole ideology of Corporate America really, really did not intrigue me. At all. 9–5, a cubical, suit and tie, working for the man. You know what I’m getting at. I simply couldn’t. I wouldn’t. I didn’t, at least not yet — who knows what the future holds. It’s crazy to think in just four years I created the memories and experiences I did. What about the next four, ten, twenty years or even just the next year? That’s the best part of it, the unknown of it all.

The First Year:

  • I attempted to open up a franchise. I mainly looked at Jimmy Johns and Subway. I almost became a Subway owner, what a relief I didn’t. I was just so eager to jump in and do anything that I was about to jump into something I had no desire for. I look back and just shake my head, smile. It was my first stone on my path to prosperity. But seriously, I’m not knocking anyone who makes sandwiches, you have a special place in my heart, sandwich making is a lost art. But it was simply not for me, running one of those two shops, still in a sense working for the man. Nope. I wanted to start building wealth so eagerly that I was willing to compromise what I actually wanted in life. No Bueno.

Lesson learned: You don’t know what you don’t want until the deal is on the table. Move forward, make your thoughts actions and your actions experiences.

  • I attempted to start a recruiting platform company. A step in a totally different direction. The change happened in a matter of a week. A week before, I was trying to make sandwiches on the road to riches and the following week I joined a team to redefine the recruiting process for young adults entering sales positions. Wow. A combination of impulse and not actually knowing what I wanted to do. Which ended up being a great thing. I patted myself on the back for that one. I had zero knowledge of creating software, or how to even go about starting such a company. One of the best experiences of my life! Tread in unknown water, it is a catalyst for success, I can’t reiterate that enough. You may fail, so what everyone does, but the pocket full of experience and enlightenment you will receive is well beyond anything you would in that present moment think it could be. Hell, I broke my fear of public speaking and learned to be more inquisitive, if nothing else that’s a huge strive forwards. Kudos to my partner KC on that project, those 6 months were a wealth roller coaster. On the fly changes, pitch competitions, meeting investors, joining an incubator program, building a website and prototype, it was an unforgettable experience.

Lesson Learned: Dive into the unknown whenever you get a chance, you never know what will come. You may come out of it not succeeding in the goal you intended on reaching but succeeding in places you had no focus on.

  • I attempted to take over the family business. Typical. “Dad just give me the business you worked so hard to build.” It turned out better than I expected though. We sell window treatments and custom interior design products. A particular interest of mine, thus why I never ruled it out. When I came back to the company I had previously worked for during all my college summers, I was handed the commercial work. I.e dealing with the contractors and architects on large projects, deciphering the architectural drawings and trying to reason with architects but making the impossible happen for them. But I wasn’t where I was suppose to be. I knew the family business wasn’t where I was gonna spend my life and I’ll be damn to live another mans dream.

Lesson learned: Don’t allow comfortability to strike you still, keep striving. Making money is awesome, we all love it, but don’t let the fear of not having it stop you from pursuing what you really want. Remember its only paper.

  • Pick up a book and read, it’s a lost hobby of this generation. Nobody wants to open a book. That was who I was. I hated it. Michael, a good friend of mine, everyone’s eccentric friend who pushed their peers towards success really got the ball rolling with this particular flaw of mine. Rooming with him in college had its perks, besides always having the bathroom stocked with everything because his family owns a pharmacy, some of his good habits also rubbed off on me. That is a win-win situation people. I started to read, look at that. I guess it’s true -you are who you surround yourself with. I picked up Rich Dad Poor Dad. The cliff notes: using real estate as an alternative investing method to gain wealth through passive income. About 7 months later…. I bought a 4unit apartment complex, started a real estate investing group, and dove straight into the unknown water once again.

Lesson Learned: When in doubt, pick up a book! Let others experience help guide you. Find out what hasn’t worked, and most of all work smarter not harder. The days of killing yourself over your work are out the window. Make sure your always having fun but above all else never have a j-o-b.

Four different paths, first year out of college, what’s next? Stay tuned….. I think I have found where I want to be…Talk to you soon.

- Joseph Murray

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