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Strange it seems, in 2020, to still be debating the existence of climate change. Forest fires. A scorching arctic. Sea level rise. Desertification. Mass extinction. Melting glaciers. Collapsing ice sheets. The evidence surrounds us and overwhelms us. Nor, is the underlying science controversial or even new, as I explore in ‘Seven Points You Need to Know About Climate Change.’

As with everything these days, climate change has become polarised. With neither side giving credence to the other, or even hearing a word they say.

Recent research by Pew found only 34% of self-identified modern Republicans and 15% of conservative Republicans believed human-made climate change was underway. Climate scientists themselves have become totems of mistrust. A miserly 11% of conservative Republicans thought that scientists understood the causes of climate change well; if it was happening at all. …

Joseph Nightingale

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