Day for Remembrance of the Slave trade

Every 23rd of August, the international day for the remembrance of the slave trade and its abolition is commemorated globally. Slavery has been practiced for almost the whole of recorded history at least over 2000 years, but the vast numbers that were involved in the slavery of people of the African descent left a legacy that will forever be remembered.

Men, women and children were torn form Africa and sold into slavery in conditions of great cruelty, stripped of their identity. They were wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, daughters, sons and the future of the continent. On the night of 22nd to 23rd of August in 1791, a group of slaves staged a rebellion that later played a crucial role in the abolition of slave trade. The success of the rebellion was a turning point in human history to ensure dignity and equality for all human beings, without distinction. However, the world still suffers the gruesome legacies of slave trade in various forms like servitude, racism, prejudice & xenophobia, social injustices, human trafficking among many others discrimination. It’s really baffling that people of the African descent are still undermined, ill-treated and demeaned simply because of their race.

The history of slavery ought to remind us of the inhumane character we don’t what to linger but also inform us to build a better world hinged on moral connections that unite different people, teaching us to learn to live together in harmony and mutual respect.