Releasing a Music Video in 2016

Hey so my name is Joseph, I’m a rapper, singer and producer, my stage name is Hohepa (I can talk about where i got that name from at a later date). I recently released a music video to a single of mine called For the Peace Link is here if you’re interested
Anyways, I released this single and it did fairly well for the amount of subscribers i had on the youtube channel at the time which was 0 and the amount of likes i had on my facebook page which was 117 the video got almost 1,000 views within the first week it was released, now i know it’s not allot of views but its allot of views compared to the amount of social status i had on Youtube and Soundcloud, of course like most artist and musicians you believe in what you’re doing and you expect your work to get 1million hits downloads withing the first week because you’re that special and people will just find you! and that’s a great spirit to have but the truth is with the amount of noise there is with today’s society it’s very hard to get you’re music or art out there even if it is amazing!, so you have to find creative and innovative ways to be heard or rely on luck that can work too if you’re the chosen one :) anyways I’m no expert in this and I am learning as i go along but the reason for me writing this up is i wanted to share my experience with releasing a music video in 2016 and tell you how i did it, i’ll probably look back at this in the future and laugh at some of the things i chose to do and also admire some of the choices i’ve made but this is proccess and we’re learning as we go

So what i did was first i made the video, some people hire others to make them but i happen to be okay at video editing so i edited the video and made a trailer to the video to use as promotion on my facebook page and instagram, the trailer just showed and intro to the video and 10 seconds of the actual song where it said the release date (september 15th) at the end of the trailer.
I uploaded this video to my facebook page a week before the actual release date, (the trailer actually has more views than the actual video but that’s because it was uploaded on Facebook where more people are active).

I messaged every single person individually that has helped me with my music in the past like my family and close friends or just great supporters will help out by sharing or liking my posts frequently, so i messaged each of them and asked them to join a group i made called the “Official launch Team” in the group i detailed the reason behind their invite and how we’re going to go about tackling the release of the music video, they all seemed pretty Psyched but i didn’t want to loose their enthusiasm, i was happy they even decided to join so, i made sure i was posting something everyday and updating them on the progress of the video and even when i ran into some hurdles (like my computer breaking down on the day before the release) I kept them up to date.

I asked everyone in the group to share the video on Facebook once it’s released and do anything else to get it out there :) so when the video came out that’s exactly what they did and their friends started sharing it and more people that I knew started sharing it that i hadn’t even asked to and behind the scenes i was putting up Instagram ads up on Facebook trying to target people in the US between the ages of 13–30 which didn’t go too well i spent about $50 in ads and got a couple follows on my Instagram and even less views on the video haha but at least i have the experience now.

So the video was buzzing around a small circle of mine back home in New Zealand and slowly gaining traffic, I decided was also message my Soundcloud followers which are mostly producers telling them that if they like and comment on my music video i will give them 3 vocals stems of mine (which are basically just like A-Capella verses of mine) along with 25 adlibs (adlibs are like a phrase that one might say in a song like “yea” or “sick”) so these producers were very kind and they seemed to take a liking to the exchange and allot of them commented on the video and liked it and some of them i’m still talking to to this day and we plan on making tracks in the future, however the main source of the views and growth that the video had was because of the small group of people that i originally released the music video with in the Official Launch Team, which was only about 14 people, they are the ones that expanded the video and got it to 1,000 views and over 50 likes.

So in conclusion the most powerful way to get your music heard or seen is through real and authentic connections with people, which is what i hope to gain through my music and along this journey. I hope you learned something maybe what NOT to do or maybe something that might work for you :)

Take care,