Hallmarks of a Good Maternity Ward: Air Quality

No matter how well equipped a hospital is, the issue of proper hygiene is central to the choices that expecting parents make with regards to a hospital that provides the right environment and care. Acquiring the right air purifier for your maternity ward is probably one of the most crucial investments that appeal to the health conscious parents of the 21st century as well as your staff. A variety of air borne pathogens such as bacteria, molds, viruses, pet dander, dust particles and air pollution particles are present in the air in maternity wards and nurseries. This makes the purification of air an indispensable component of the whole service,as it ensures that the air is fit for newborns to breathe.

Air Quality

Studies conducted by various child welfare organizations demonstrate that babies are extremely prone to allergies caused by these air pollutants when compared to adults. One recent study found that babies in the womb are more susceptible to DNA damage from polluted air. Researchers at the University of Washington also found that infants exposed to air pollution are more susceptible to airborne diseases, especially bronchiolitis in contrast to infants exposed to clean air. Studies like these emphasize the importance of installing an appropriate air purifying solution in maternity and children’s wards.

Choosing the Right Air Purifier

Health care facilities are prone to air contamination given the presence of patients with all kinds of ailments. Maternity wards, although usually located in separate corners, are within reach of this contaminated air. It takes no time for air to cross the boundaries and reach the wards. Generally, maternity health care centers need more than one level of air sanitization in place. Either there should be a centralized air filtration system that is capable of removing larger air pollutants such as dust, mold, viruses, fungus and fibers or separate filter solutions such as HEPA filters, catering to specific needs for specific wards. Types of air filters available in the market include:

● V-cell filters
● Pleated filters
● Media filters
● Rigid filters
● Mini pleats
● Bag/pocket filters
● Gas turbine filters
● HEPA filters
● Bag/pocket filters

Why Air Purifiers?

Today, an increasing number of parents from around the world are conscious about their newborns’ health and therefore, look for health care facilities that can offer them absolute peace of mind. If you own or run a hospital, installing a reliable air filter in the maternity and children’s wards is a prerequisite, especially when you consider the rampant cases of allergies and asthma in newborns.

Installing a reliable air filter in the maternity and children’s wards is a prerequisite.

Choosing the right filter for your facility may be solely your decision, but the process usually requires roping-in professional sales representatives. Having proper knowledge about their product, they can guide you to the right filter solution for your facility. If you are looking for premier quality Austin air purifier units, make sure that you buy them from a reliable company that is also known to provide comprehensive after-sales support.