A question of intent.

I believe the more I share of myself, the more people I can help, in whatever way the Universe leads. I thought to include this little blurb of intent with my most recent Daily Journal, explaining a bit about the process and why I choose to post them.

Recently I read an article from a well respected blogger, who spoke frankly about the freedom that emerges in your writing when you think no one is reading your stuff. It spawns a place to be uniquely yourself, without self criticism and judgement.

The idea of a Daily Journal is to write and edit quickly, while being mindful of your process. Watching the patterns you tend towards allows you to experiment freely with cadence and form. The speed that they are completed removes pressure from the final product.

For my Daily Journal, I chose my current journey, our move to Los Angeles, as an opportunity to break down my affirmation meditation process. My goal, as I continue teaching, is to be more open with my experiences, whether I find them flattering or not.