Day 8

To be the rock that allows water to pass freely on all sides in the middle of the raging river. Therein lies the key to the peace we seek.

“If I can just get past this one thing, my life will begin, will be perfect, (or for me personally) will be calm”. All of these statements come with a strong pull. They distract us from the present moment and all that it entails. Life moves quick. Issues loom large. Deadlines encroach.

Learning to accept what can and can’t be controlled has often been a challenge for me. Surely this obstacle can be analyzed, broken down, and surmounted. “I’m that smart”, I find myself muttering. I’m certain of that at least. Yet the almost constant churning in my brain returns, it’s shadow hovering over the day. Sound familiar?

Current Life Example.

The amount of information required to rent an apartment in Los Angeles is crazy. A friend told me there are more people moving here than are leaving and it’s been a challenge to keep up with demand. He also said matter of factly, that while this was our priority, it likely wasn’t for our realtor. The days crawled and I struggled.

Daily Affirmation.

I am Great. I am a Master. I relinquish my need to control things.

Here’s the rub: Things happen. Life isn’t fair. People are people. We can’t control these things. We can however, learn to control how we react in life’s uncertain moments. This is the greatest skill.

This has been the most consistent part of my affirmation meditation. I return to it, time and time again.