Where to start.

The challenge for me in writing these short pieces every day, has been where to start. I have many ideas, all of them about a paragraph long. How do I connect them? Is there a connection between them? Life can mirror this process in that our challenges often aren’t straight line affairs, rather a jumble of pieces, seemingly without order.

When in doubt, start.

It would be a crazy experience to watch me write from the outside. I imagine it resembles falling down the stairs while attempting to brace for the bottom. I’m honing my ability to type while allowing my brain to fun free through the topic at hand. In the past, I often lost my train of thought. Write quick, write quick. Edit later.

Here’s my admission: I didn’t know that this piece would end up focusing on the need to separate our creativity from our need to be perfect from the onset. I just started writing. During the free writing process, a thought often comes along that frames and clarifies the entire piece. Does that make any of this less important?

When I work with my students, we take active steps to separate the creative process from the editing process. Work fast and organize later. It’s all about your momentum. It’s much easier to remove an unnecessary part after the fact, than to return to the exact same creative space you were in before hoping to add something.

My daily lesson.

Teaching creativity is the calculated search for the inherent roadblocks between your ideas and fruition whether mental or functional. We can set up a individual process to help in the short term. We then need to apply some repetition to see our limitations from an outside perspective.

Just start and don’t judge yourself.

Our desire to be fully formed and perfect without any work is strong. Place one foot in front of the other and create something unique. The editing will come later and there will be lots of it.