We all have been accustomed to the concept of setting a goal which always tend to be a longer bigger one. This is considered as the basic step to be taken for a person who want to be successful in his life. But because its a long term goal, at times we tend to lose our motivation. It may be because we are not seeing the statistical improvement towards our goal. So what I suggest is setting shorter goals that help us reach towards our bigger one.

Most of the youngsters are confused about how to reach the ultimate one. By setting shorter goals one can evidently see his achievements and this will turn out to be the biggest motivation. Even if we feel we have set a short goal and achieving that doesn't directly connect you to your main goal, it will teach you something. But while setting short goals make sure that it will help you in the long run.

Basically whatever be it, if it doesn't drive you, you will not strive for it. So achieving those goals really mean that you are going in the right direction. Making a list of all the short goals achieved will be really helpful. The happiness,satisfaction and motivation one gets by looking at it will be more than enough for reaching the ultimate one.

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