Live a life of impact

We will have more impact by living our lives everyday knowing that we are loved by our Creator. Letting His love for us and subsequently our love for Him pour out onto each and every person that we meet can change even the bleakest of circumstances.

Sometimes it may feel like our glass is almost empty, but when our reservoir is in Him, we will never run dry. We are vessels. We have to be emptied before He can fill us.

When we empty ourselves — of our pride, our agendas, our prejudices, anything that is not glorifying to Him, God will fill us with the power and hope that only He can give. But we have to surrender.

Sometimes I wonder if we are insulting God by not valuing ourselves or the life He has given us the way that He values us. He paid for us with His life. Are we willing to live for Him with ours?

Something is only as valuable as what someone will pay for it. Jesus gave His life so that we would be saved. This means that we are a part of the most valuable transaction to ever take place. You’re value lies in who you are, not what you do or have done. It’s about what Christ did for us. Its about who we are becoming. Not about what we post to your social media feed (filtered or not).

My value doesn’t lie in the words that I’m typing here. Or the number of people that read, like or share this article. My value lies in the fact that I was created on purpose and for a purpose. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

I wish this is something I would have realized and believed earlier in life. How many years did I waste chasing wishing wells, but not using the water from the well to water the seeds that were being planted in my heart?

Don’t throw your dreams in the wishing well. They will hit the bottom of that dark cavern and you may never see them again. Instead, plant them in deep rich soil and every day water them, tend to them.

Occasionally you may have to pull out some weeds and fight off intruders who are trying to eat and destroy you crop before it’s ready. You may not harvest overnight. But in time with patience and persistence what you yield will be more than you could ever imagine. Be faithful with small things. And see what happens.

We can’t hope but not work.

We have to grind out just a little more today than we did yesterday.

Everyday we have an opportunity to grow or sit stuck in the mud.

We can wait or we can work.

We can practice or we can pout.

We can either try to find a way to solve our problems or we can let our problems overtake us.

We have the power to choose.

I’m worth it. You’re worth it. We are worth it.

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