Strength can only be gained through resistance and persistence. Both are equally important to the process. Look at obstacles as opportunities in disguise. Look at problems as possibilities. Whatever we are faced with has a purpose, even if we don’t understand it at the time. We have the choice to learn and grow or to let it derail us completely.

When we push our body beyond what we feel it is capable of, our muscles, tendons, bones and the energy systems of our body spring into action to resist this intruder — this opposing force. Adaptations have to occur both mentally and physiologically to grow and become stronger.

In our lives, the same principle holds true.

Stop looking at areas of your life as weaknesses. Instead look at them as areas for growth and improvement. It’s time that we shift the paradigm. By adopting a growth mindset, we can see any situation as an opportunity to improve.

It’s not a one-time occurrence though. Persistence and consistency are just as vital to the process. I have to be faithful and show up in order to even have the opportunity to get strong and to grow. If I’m not there, I will never see results. If we’re not present in the moment, the moment will pass us by before we know it. Results are a moot point unless we are present, focused and consistent with our practice. THE PROCESS — That’s where the magic happens!

Sometimes this resistance may come from the people around you — The haters. They want nothing more than to see you give up. They want to see you fail. What they don’t know though, is that failure only fuels your fire to learn and grow. They may not really have anything against you. This resistance many times stems from their own fear of taking a leap of faith in their own life and jealousy that you have the courage to jump.

My advice when this happens. Thank them for the resistance, side step them and keep pushing forward.

I know I’m thankful for the resistance that I’ve encountered in my life. I hope that you begin to shift your mindset along with me. Great things come through the process. Let’s keep the journey going together one step at a time.

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