Why we all need community.

“I feel like I’m all alone in a crowded room?”

In my opinion, this is one of the saddest statements I’ve ever heard uttered.

Have you ever heard someone make this statement? Have you ever been the one to say this? To be honest, I’ve heard myself say this more than a few times in my life.

People today, seem to be growing more experience rich, but at the same time becoming increasingly relationship poor.

An ever growing number of our “personal” interactions come from behind the vehicle of a screen (smartphone, tablet, and computer). While these things aren’t inherently bad, they do have a way of robbing us of the most basic human needs — to truly be loved and accepted by a real community.

This is true in our daily lives, our schools, our businesses and sadly in many cases our churches and families. What would happen if we spent more time intentionally focused on building relationships and getting to know the people we are serving, the people in our communities and even those in our own home? I believe that we would see our connections; our marriages and possibly even our revenues (in business) grow exponentially. That is a return on investment that would benefit us all!

We all have an inherent desire to belong — to feel loved and welcome — to feel safe. There is no better way to experience this than in a healthy community; a community in which we can be us — authentically and truthfully.

No acting.

No pretense.

No performance.

Intentionally investing time and effort into building this pillar of our lives can drastically change the joy that we experience every day. It’s not always easy though. At times it may mean cutting people out of your life who are holding you back from becoming who you were created to be. The people who don’t believe in you now, are the same people who will someday be telling others how they know you. This controlled burn will allow you to get rid of the underbrush so that the greatness that is inside of you can grow and flourish.

Intentionally investing in the gift of community also means embracing those around you. By speaking life into and pouring love into those that you do life with day in and day out.

Love is the most sought after and valuable currency in the world. The amazing thing is that when we hold onto it like we will lose it, it doesn’t grow. The only way to gain interest is to give love away. This is how we truly grow rich in life.

Life is meant to be lived in relationship — in community. God is a community in and of himself.

God the Father

Jesus the Son

The Holy Spirit

We can thrive in a healthy community as the people God created each of us to be. This is a place where your story, your heartbeat, your fingerprint and your DNA makes you 100% unique. But when all of our stories are told together, it forms the most angelic choir that you could ever imagine.

When all of those hearts beat together at once, when gratitude is expressed en mass, when love is given authentically, it creates a thunder so loud that it reverberates to even the most desolate and lonely places.

We all need community. We all need love. We all need each other. We all need Jesus. Let’s venture together to take back the idea of real community that has started to erode.

Real, true, honest community is a force to be reckoned with.

Let’s shift our culture……..together.

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