Ternary Data heavily focuses on data engineering. So, it makes sense that we are keenly interested where things are heading for the field in 2019. Instead of doing the typical new year ritual of making crazy predictions, we consider several big themes for data engineering in 2019.


  • Data will still be hard for most companies
  • Serverless will gain stronger adoption
  • Containerization will accelerate multi/hybrid cloud
  • DataOps will become more widely adopted
  • Data lineage will grow in importance
  • Ethics issues from data science will become a data engineering problem

Data will still be hard for most companies

Despite the hype of “AI everywhere” and “data is the new oil”…

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate is currently one of the most popular IT certifications. I usually avoid certifications, as a lot of the exams don’t test hands-on skills and knowledge. The AWS exams are different. The AWS exams are the real deal and have a nasty reputation for exposing your weaknesses. The pass rates aren’t great. People fear taking the exams. You WILL be thoroughly tested on your hands-on skills and knowledge of AWS.

The bonus to passing a AWS exam and getting your certification? You earned (and I repeat earned) a certification that has real value in…

Your company wants to “do data science” ** or “become a data company”. These are definitely noble and well intentioned goals. Not trying to be negative, but I’m going to bet that your company probably isn’t ready for data science. And that’s perfectly OK.

For the past several years, I’ve led data initiatives for companies that want to leap into being “data companies” that “do data science”. In my experience, the vast majority of companies I’ve seen are nowhere near ready to fully leverage the power of data science. Somehow, these companies have been told that they need to embrace…

This is the first post of a series on how companies can get smarter by using data. It begins with an audacious goal to inspire companies to move beyond the typical approach of building models and reports and allows all of us to explore the idea of the intelligence-driven company.


Company decision making has evolved from gut-driven to data-driven. Intelligence-driven companies are the next evolution where decisions and actions move from humans to machines.

“Data this, data that.” So much data!

The pressure for companies to become more data savvy is both omnipresent and overwhelming. “Data is the new oil”, as the zeitgeist goes. The current competitive…

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Professional Data Nerd

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