How Not to Resign from Our Revolution

I do not like how this group is set up, the website is a act blue page to donate that's it , no info , its like a Donald trump site but even less info, what scam is going on? weaver didn't even speak at the launch and he's the president of it? looked like it was set up so shotty bad audio/lighting , to me Bernie Sanders gathered support united A LOT of different perspectives to a cause and he, the outsider, is now proclaiming to join the insiders after being cheated on. I don't know how to take this , right now its frustration and confusion , my heart rejects any notion of voting for a democrat again , I joined the green and will be voting for Jill Stein , but that's the camp I'm in , others will follow this scam and other will vote for Johnson or trump or say fuck it and stay home why try when they cheat and lecture you how to accept it. This is Divide and Conquer and its finest and its sad that seemingly poor choices by Bernie sanders split his own movement into a moment, and in that moment we all saw Oz and we saw the man behind the curtain now many of us cant simply unsee what has been seen.

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