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I’m a Satanist. I’m a member of The Satanic Temple, and the founder of a small regional group of like-minded Satanists. Because of this, I’m often faced with the commonly asked questions that arise when people first begin to learn about our brand of Satanism. Primary among those questions is something like

After a recent influx of new members, I was faced with this question. Below is the response that I provided.

Whenever possible, I like to use information directly from The Satanic Temple to explain the motivations for…

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If you knew your child was going to have autism, would you abort the pregnancy?

I often think about the way that my autistic son will function and be treated out there in the world as he gets older, especially after his mother and I are gone. I assume he’s going to have a pretty difficult time. Life’s hard enough for all of us, right? We all have our struggles, but when parts of your basic functionality like the ability to communicate and express yourself thoroughly are impaired, everything becomes significantly more challenging. That’s to say nothing of the troubling social issues, dramatically underdeveloped literacy skills, and all the rest of what can come with…

Straight Edge to Psychonaut Part 3 of 3

Once I reached the end of writing that second part (nearly 5 years ago), I had all but made my decision. I was definitely going to try cannabis! And on the morning of Friday, September 25, 2015, I did just that. But let’s not jump too far ahead!

Once my mind was set on trying this stuff, I had to get some. I was already deep into my research phase because a person like me can’t simply go smoke some random doob. Even that, smoking. I had already decided that I wasn’t…

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Straight Edge to Psychonaut Part 2 of 3
Drafted on August 25, 2015

For a guy that’s never done drugs, boy do I love drugs!

Almost everyone I’ve looked up to from the cool older kids, to the rock bands I listened to every day, were consuming tons of alcohol and/or drugs. Drugs are an integral part of the creation of much of the worlds great art, certainly when it comes to the Rock n Roll that speaks to me so deeply. Without drugs and alcohol we simply don’t have albums like Appetite For Destruction, Dirt, Paranoid, and so many other great milestones of human civilization. Having played in bands consistently since…

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Straight Edge to Psychonaut Part 1 of 3
Drafted on August 17, 2015

I’m 37 years old, and I’ve never used drugs or alcohol. I’ve never even tried a cigarette. Technically, as a young child I tasted some alcohol in the presence of adults, but nothing beyond that. I’ve spent my entire adult life associated with the “Straight Edge” lifestyle, despite the fact that I’ve never had much integration with the hardcore/punk music scene that most often accompanies it. I even have two Straight Edge tattoos from when I was a teenager.

Why did I choose this lifestyle in the…

Preface: In the context of this article, the term Satanist refers specifically to a person who shares beliefs with The Satanic Temple and their Seven Fundamental Tenets.

For many Satanists, once our religious affiliation is revealed, there are no shortage of questions and assumptions brought forth as part of those early conversations with the uninitiated. In comparison to our theist counterparts, we’re a tiny minority with very little realistic representation in mainstream culture. For that reason, most people may not know that Satanists are atheists, which is to say we do not believe in a god. We also don’t believe…

Here are 5 reasons supporting the idea that Pearl Jam is the Greatest American Rock Band Of All Time.

1. LONGEVITY. The band formed in 1990, and released it’s debut album the very next year in 1991. Here we are 30 years later, and they’re still trucking along, selling out massive tours in support of their 11th studio album.

2. CREATIVE VITALITY. When a band is as successful as Pearl Jam was early on, it’s pretty easy to coast for the majority of your career, relying on those hits to pay the bills. Why bother making new albums when everyone…

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