7 Apps To Try

After spreading completely useless information to people through my fashion blog (You still haven’t read it? Really? Shame on you! Check it out) I now intend to accrue some good karma by writing about something that could actually be of some use to people.

I am the type who reads Techcrunch, engadget and Yourstory (yes, its okay to accept it in public now) every morning and I often try the interesting apps/services I come across.

Since there are far too many of them out there, here is a list of 7 apps/ services that I have tried and I would recommend.

Walnut: Auto tracking of expenses for lazy people

You have always wanted to track your expenses but you are really not disciplined enough to maintain that excel sheet or expense management app? This one is for you, this app collects the data on your expenses from the alert messages in your sms inbox (yes, that’s mildly creepy and google like, but very useful) . The service is a bit too basic for my taste ( I have been using perfios to decode my credit card statement for a long time), but nevertheless this is very useful to get a quick snapshot.

Trainman/ Confirmtkt : Let the data guide you

Should I book the WL 55 ticket on the Island express or the WL 30 on the garibrath? Should I book sleeper or 3rd AC?

These are tough decisions that every Indian rail traveler has had to make at some point of time or the other. Thankfully these questions can now be tackled scientifically with the help of these two services that use historic booking data to give you an insight of your confirmation chances that can guide your decisions. trainman gives a probability estimate and confirmtkt gives you an opinion on whether you should book or not based on probability ranges. I use trainman quite regularly and I really like it.

Dunzo: What ramu kaka was for malabar hill kids

If you live in Bangalore and you need someone to do your running around, try dunzo. I once got them to pick up something a cousin had left with me at Lavelle road and deliver it to his office at Belandur — for free. Actually I even once got them to pick up water from my neighborhood kirana store when the kirana store guys couldn’t deliver. It’s a whatsapp based service and so far they have been excellent.

Helpchat: Web check in with ease

Apparently they are a service that can do a lot of things for you- but I just use it for one thing : web check in. If you fly often and you find the mobile check in experience on the browser painful (and you don’t want to keep 5 airline apps). Just forward the PNR to these guys and they will web check in for you.

IFTTT: If this then that

IFTTT is an useful services that gets your multiple online services to play nice with each other in ways that are useful to you. I use it to do simple things like turn off my phone wifi when I leave my home, put my phone on mute when I enter office, backup pictures I post on fb/Instagram to a dropbox folder, update a google spreadsheet when a linkedin contact gets a new job etc. It’s potentially a tool that can be really powerful

Jinni: They know what is your favorite movie before you do

IOS app based movie recommendation engine, rate a few movies that you have seen and then Jinni starts to recommend movies that you may like, great way to find new movies and TV shows

Rainierland: Netflix for the third world

Free HD streaming of latest movies, without the ad pop-up menace. ‘nuff said.