Stories of School: David Bowie

Inspired by real events.

“Anisocoria” the Doctor pronounced.

14-year old David Jones stared into the mirror at his enlarged left pupil. It was almost twice the size of his right.

“Unequal sizing of the pupils”, he added.

“Will it go away?”

“Unfortunately not. It’s permanent.”


“You’ll see out of them just fine. But the injured eye may look darker from a distance.”

Embarrassment was the first thing that David felt. This would test his self-esteem back at school. He began picturing walking past everyone in the hallways at Bromley Tech, already he felt self-conscious.

The doctor, seeing David’s demeanour change, leaned in, “whatever it was about… I do hope it was worth it.”

He wasn’t even in love with her. It was just a good story worth boasting about in the hallway. He’d been a real Casanova.

The problem was that George Underwood was in love with her.

The punch wasn’t even that hard. George had thought it was a joke when he stumbled against the wall and onto his knees.

They would later realise that George’s fingernail had sliced through the surface of the eye, scratching the baby blue of the iris.

He leaned in closer to his reflection. His left pupil had dilated so much that the baby blue was now barely visible.

Alien. Outsider. Rebel.

The words went round his head one after the other on repeat.

David didn’t know it then, but one day in the future, he’d thank his good friend George for this.