$1,4 Billion was in Invested in Stockholm

Joseph Michael
Mar 27, 2017 · 2 min read

Over $1,4 billion was invested in Stockholm’s startups last year. It’s the highest amount recorded and a 7X increase from just 4 years earlier.

The amount is $500 million more than the previous year, so there clearly is a high — and increasing — interest for tech startups in Stockholm.

When looking at the rest of the Nordics, Stockholm attracted over half of everything that was invested in the entire region. Stockholm accounts for 4% of the population in the Nordics, but attracted 54% of the total capital invested. One in three deals that were made in the Nordics was made in Stockholm.

There were 247 deals made last year, which amounts to about one deal per work day in Sweden. The previous year we saw 90 deals in the tech scene in Stockholm, which makes it a 3X increase in the number of deals in just one year. Also, 247 deals is a third of all deals in the Nordics.

All of this data was produced but The Nordic Web in collaboration with our office at Invest Stockholm (part of the City of Stockholm).

See the full infograph below.

The data was first presented during the STHLM Tech Meetup in January. After I presented the numbers, one of the investors in the panel afterwards had an interesting comment. They said: “Stockholm obviously attracts a lot of capital, but as an investor I’m thinking ‘show me the money’. Where are all the exits?”

I reached out to Neil at the Nordic Web and asked if we could do an analysis of the exits in Stockholm, and so we did. And the numbers are truly amazing.

The new Exit Analysis will be released in the upcoming STHLM Tech Meetup the 3rd of April. Go ahead and register!

See you there!

Joseph Michael is the head of startups/tech at Invest Stockholm, a part of the City of Stockholm. If you like this content, get in touch.

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