A Guide to the Stockholm Tech Scene

Updated April 2018

This guide is meant to help you navigate the Stockholm Tech/Startup Scene.

Stockholm’s tech scene is considered one of the leading in the world, and it’s growing quickly. Investments are at record levels with $1,4Bn invested in 2016, and $1,75Bn exit value in the same year.

In the center of every startup community are the entrepreneurs. Without them there wouldn’t be a startup community to begin with. After the entrepreneurs, there’s a second layer of support from investors, government, universities etc. These form an ecosystem that can be hard to navigate.

To help you navigate I’ve listed the organisations and initiatives that support tech startups in one way or another — and that can be found in Stockholm.

About the author: My name is Joseph Michael and I’m the CMO of TVM, a tech company based in Stockholm. For more articles and updates about Stockholm, you can add me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter.