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Health Tech-Startups in Stockholm

Joseph Michael
Mar 29, 2017 · 4 min read

Health and wellness is the fastest growing and one of most funded categories in Stockholm.

The Stockholm Investment Analysis by The Nordic Web shows that 21 deals were made in this category in 2016.

Health and wellness is also growing rapidly on a global level. According to Startup Health there were almost 600 deals with a value of over $8 billion in Digital Health last year.

Source: Startup Health

Stockholm has optimal conditions for innovation in the health and wellness space. For example, Karolinska Institute in Stockholm is one of the leading universities in the world, especially in Life Science and Medicine. And H2 Health Hub (which is close to Karolinska) is the leading hub for MedTech/Digital Health/eHealth startups in Stockholm.

When it comes to startups there a dozens of exciting companies in this space.

These are some of the leading startups in Stockholm in Health and Wellness:


Werlabs provides high quality health analysis via blood testing. The process is simple: you sign up, provide a blood sample in a partner clinics and get an analysis online within hours. With the analysis users get insight into their health and make appropriate adjustments. Werlabs raised $3.85M led by Sunstone Capital.

Healthi Habits

Healthi Habits uses a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and behavioral economics to discover healthy habits and help people make sustainable behavioral changes. People with a chronic condition receive personalized support and connect with like-minded peers and mentors to improve their social, mental, and physical health. Founded in December 2015 they have an initial focus on diabetes patients but are looking to expand to other user groups as well.


Lifesum was founded in 2013 and has since then become a leading tech companies in the health and wellness space globally. With Lifesum you can track your diet and form good habits to reach your health goals. With cutting edge UX and design the app has attracted 19 million downloads to date, and growing. The company has raised $16,7M in 2 rounds from leading investors.


FitnessCollection provides access to the a wide range of trainers, gyms and classes with just one membership. The company has 80 different gyms and studios and 2000 classes each week on the platform. FitnessCollection has raised $840K from a leading group of entrepreneurs and investors in the health and wellness space in Sweden.


MindApps is a company that makes high-quality wellness apps. Their landmark product — The Mindfulness App — is a high rated meditation app that has been downloaded over 800,000 times. MindApps has a range of apps including apps related to meditation, breathing and sleeping.


Kry allows you to see a doctor within minutes through a video-call on your smart device. Doctors on Kry can offer general advice, issue prescribed medicine or make referrals to in-person visits. The prescribed medicine can be picked up in any pharmacy or delivered to your home. Kry represents the future of healthcare in my opinion and the experience is truly remarkable. The company has raised $6,86M in one round led by Creandum and Index Ventures.


Having grown tired of how the classic gym memberships worked, Bruce set out to create the future for fitness and physical activity. The mission; to free people and to inspire. Giving you a choice for a wide variety of different activities, ranging from climbing and crossfit to kickboxing and yoga. Get access to all the best independent studios and venues with one membership. As a Bruce-member you now have the choice of over 100 different studios, gyms and venues connected in Stockholm and Gothenburg, all easily accessible through an app. It also comes with a promise to never to introduce bindings times or cancellation times.

Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles is the only certified app for contraception. Karolinska Institute found the app is as effective as the contraceptive pill at preventing pregnancy, without any of the side effects. The Telegraph wrote a great article about Natural Cycles where they asked “Could an app really replace the contraceptive pill?”. It turns out it can — with a thermometer and advanced algorithms. Natural Cycles has 150,000 users worldwide and was founded in 2015 by particle physicist Dr Elina Berglund (who was part of the team that discovered the Higgs Boson at CERN) and her husband Dr Raoul Scherwitzl. The company has raised $7,5M in two rounds.

Other Health and Wellness startups in Stockholm:

Mimerse Mental health apps in VR.
Shim — Mental health app based on AI.
Meduniverse — A patient case tool for the life science industry.
Magnea — Makes wearable IoT device used in eldercare.
Coala life — A unique heart rate monitor for home use.
Belly balance — Online treatment and self-help platform for IBS.
Noseoption — A new type of nose plug.
Competencer — A platform for online counseling.
RaceFox — Improves cross country skiing with movement analysis.
Airinium — Next generation pollution masks.
Aifloo — Wearable device in eldercare that applies AI.
Bluecall — An app for anonymous counseling.
ICellate—Detects cancer by detecting cancer cells as they spread.
Doctrin —Smart e-health tools that increasing patient participation.
Bonzun — The only app you need for a safe pregnancy.
Challengize — Digital team health challenge for all forms of activities.

Would you like to connect with the Health and Wellness industry in Stockholm? Get in touch.

Joseph Michael

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Startup Growth Lead at Stripe — focusing on the Nordics. I meet a lot of great companies and write about them here.

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