Real Estate Tech Startups in Stockholm

Joseph Michael
Apr 12, 2017 · 6 min read

The real estate industry is one of the largest industries in the world — and it’s ripe for innovation.

Tech in the real estate industry can take many shapes and forms. It could be everything from software that controls your smart home to new ways of building homes.

If a certain technology or innovation is used by real estate brokers, lenders, property owners, buyers etc. it’s generally included in Real Estate Tech (or RealTech, PropTech…)

Real Estate Tech is already a massive category. In the past 5 years over $6 billion was invested in real estate tech companies. And 2016 was a record year with over $2,5Bn invested in 235 deals.

In Stockholm there are a number of interesting real estate projects, startups, research initiatives and investors that are active in the Real Estate Tech sector. KTH Live-in lab is a testbed in the Royal Institute of Technology to increase innovation rate in the construction and real estate industries. Stronghold is an real estate tech investment firm that owns, develops and invests in the real estate services of tomorrow. Urban Escape is a large scale property development project that implements innovation in every aspect.

High-rises in Stockholm — Photo: Yanan Li


These are some of the real estate tech startups in Stockholm:


AsaDuru — inspired by nature — is creating living homes that are self-sufficient water, energy and waste, built using local materials. That was the opening line when Mohamed Bedri recently pitched AsaDuru at the first Google Demo Day outside of Silicon Valley. The main market for AsaDuru is Africa where 50 million homes will need to be built. Their first market is South Africa where the company is already up and running. AsaDuru has an inspiring story and mission. They’re using rammed-earth building technology that allows them to build homes in half the time as their competitors. And when incorporating solar energy, rainwater harvesting and wastewater treatmend AsaDuru can build truly “net-zero” homes.


wec360° is one of Swedens leading 3D-visualization companies. They offer real estate visualization services in VR, AR, 3D models, sun-studies, video, still images and much more. The company has a partnership with Samsung to provide VR experiences for home buyers. There are even features that allow you as a prospective buyer to change interior color and add custom furniture to get the full experience of what your future home might look like. Other projects that wec360° has been involved in are Friends Arena, Tele2 Stockholm and Tolv Stockholm.


Tessin is a crowdfunding platform for real estate. The principle is exactly the same as equity-crowdfunding, but except for owning equity in a company you own equity in real estate. In a market like Sweden/Stockholm where the demand for housing is extremely high, Tessin offers a much needed financing model for new real estate projects. The average return is 9–13%, there are no fees and the they offer a low minimum investment level.


Spotscale turns drone imagery into stunning 3D buildings. Their cloud platform renders and delivers 3D models of buildings that are fully interactive, meaning you can edit the actual model to fit your preference. The 3D models are perfect for VR/AR applications and can be used in construction, inspection, inspiration or urban planning.


Buildsafe is a online platform that helps increase safety in construction projects. The cloud service brings transparency to a construction site by allowing all parties involved an overview of the safety protocols, status and procedures. Founded in 2015, Buildsafe already has some major clients such as Skanska and Fabege. They also won the City of Stockholm Innovation Scholarship in 2015, the City of Stockholm Acceleration Scholarship and Venture Cup in 2016 where they were named “Swedens next growth company”. Buildsafe has raised 3M SEK from Moor and Almi.


Nordkap is a web-based treasury platform for real estate companies. The biggest cost for a real estate company is typically its cost of finance. Nordkap’s platform focuses on making reporting, analysis and decision making for financing more effective. By using its vast database the platform is able to provide users with benchmarking data on loans and other financial instruments giving real estate companies new and unique insights into the debt market.


Glue is a smart lock that enables you to open your door at anytime and from anywhere through your smartphone. Besides winning design awards at CES Glue has received plenty of international media attention. That’s because Glue is so much more than just a lock, it’s a platform. Online shopping, delivery services, home repairs and much more can be integrated with the Glue platform to offer a new level of convenience for customers. Their most notable offer might be the “in-fridge” delivery of groceries with Sweden’s largest grocery chain ICA and delivery firm Postnord. Now you can order your groceries online and have them delivered right into your fridge.

Other Real Estate Tech startups:

Diakrit —Full range of real estate solutions, including 3D VR models.
Qasa — Simplifies the whole home rental process.
Datscha — Property search for professionals.
Co-owning — International crowdfunding marketplace for real estate.
Vyer — Interactive 3D models through the cloud.
Renthia — Full-service solution to rent out or rent a home.
Proyk — Digital property blueprints on custom e-ink device.

Watty — Gives you full control of your energy consumption.
Nooks — Find real estate that might be for sale.
Homii — Sublet through your social network. — The smart way to find office space and facilities.
Nestidy — The new, modern way of selling real estate.

Thanks to Fabian Geisler from Nordkap for contributing to this article.

Joseph Michael works with tech startups at Invest Stockholm, a part of City of Stockholm. If you’d like to connect with Real Estate Tech Startups in Stockholm — Get in touch on LinkedIn.

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