The Stockholm Investment Landscape

Joseph Michael
Sep 8, 2016 · 3 min read

During the first day of STHLM Tech Fest 2016 we released updated figures about the investment landscape in Stockholm.

And the numbers are incredible. In just the first half of 2016 a staggering $1,2 billion has been invested in Stockholm, which is as much as the previous two years combined.

The momentum is clearly increasing with the number of investments keep increasing for every quarter. During all of 2015 (which was a record year) a total of 90 investments were made. In just the first two quarters of 2016 there were 111 investments.

We also see more and more international investors active in Stockholm, signaling that global opportunities here and that we’ll see more Stockholm based companies entering the global stage.

As for where the investments are going, we clearly see a big interest in Fintech. It’s the most funded vertical with 20 investments just in the first half of 2016. Last year was a big year for Fintech. We released another report together with Stockholm School of Economics that clearly identified Stockholm as the second leading Fintech city in Europe. What’s interesting is that there were 12 investments in Fintech last year, for the entire year! Not only are we strong in Fintech, but we’re also increasing. At this pace Stockholm might very well soon become the leading Fintech hub in Europe, and maybe even the world.

Another area that is increasing is health and wellness. This is a category that we didn’t see much of last year but now is the second most funded vertical with 11 investments. There is clearly something interesting happening in that space. If you’d like to see a list of the hottest companies you should visit our Life Science Hotlist where we list many future stars in e-health, medtech etc.

By the end of the year when we update the numbers again I’m sure we’ll see more investments in gaming and VR, we see a lot of interesting things happening in those areas as well.

Feel free to reach out for feedback, more info or just chat about the Stockholm tech scene. Read the full press release here.

All of the material and data is from The Nordic Web, the leading source for insights into the nordic tech scene. I highly recommend becoming a member!

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Joseph Michael

Startup Growth Lead at Stripe — focusing on the Nordics. I meet a lot of great companies and write about them here.

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