Joseph Stone Capital on How Investment Banks Assist Investors

An investment bank is a unique type of financial institution that aims to assist companies access capital markets to raise money and look after other business needs. An investment bank will take on in a few or all of the below-mentioned activities:

  • Launching new products or insure bonds
  • Raise debt capital
  • Connect in proprietary trading where teams of internal money managers trade or invest the company’s own money for its private account
  • Raise equity capital

Investment banks are frequently classified into two camps, the sell-side and buy-side, but several offer both sell-side and buy-side services. The sell-side usually refers to placing new bond issues, selling shares of recently issued IPOs, assisting clients facilitate transactions, or engaging in market-making services. On the other hand, the buy-side works with mutual funds, pension funds, hedge funds, and the investing public to assist them increase their returns when investing or trading in securities such as bonds and stocks.

Several investment banks are classified into three divisions, based on the services offered and the employees’ tasks:

  • Middle office
  • Front office
  • Back-office

According to the company, Joseph Stone Capital, investment banks make most of their money assisting companies and governments raise money by selling securities. But most important, the investment bankers act as middlemen between sellers and buyers. Investment bankers not only assist the sellers prepare securities to be sold, but also relate with prospective investors. One of the great values provided by investment bankers to their customers selling securities is their capability to look for buyers.

A company should consider its need to approach carefully an investment banker to develop its business. The size of capital being raised and the market competition are the main factors to dwell on before turning to the assistance of an investment banker. Moreover, new ventures should be researched thoroughly before proceeding and therefore, the investment banker has the necessary expertise in this.

Accordingly, the below-mentioned are the benefits of taking assistance of an investment bank:

Ø An assured raising of financial capital by underwriting or by acting as an agent in the issuance of securities to arrange for sale, merger, or acquisition.

Ø Effective client handholding and handling about investing their money in other companies to augment their value.

Ø Thorough due diligence and investigation to make sure that its client’s deal meets every compliance to reduce any failure loss or risk of invested capital.

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