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Why HoneyFarm?
HoneyFarm is a layered delegated yield farming enterprise with maximum supply deflationary tokenomics.
With their skills as shareholders and managers of numerous DeFi projects, the team realized that, aside from not being rug-pulled, the other most significant value of a DeFi project for investors is knowing when the project is over.

Because most DeFi projects contain an inflationary component, they will all come to an end at some time. To ensure that the project is fair and beneficial for everyone, the team decided that it would be preferable to fix the termination of token emission and publicize it before the project's launch.

Furthermore, layered farming will provide investors with more alternatives for diversifying their investment approach, making the project more active and intriguing in our opinion. HONEY is earned by staking LP tokens.

Honey Keeper Protocol
Honey Keeper Protocol (HKP) is HoneyFarm's one-of-a-kind Buy-Back mechanism that rewards holders while decreasing Honey circulation.

HoneyFarm Fair Launch
On July 30th, 9:00 UTC, the Token Launch (Deposit Start, Tradable, Initial Liquidity Supply) took place. Farming began at 12:00 UTC on July 30th.
Aside from the current market conditions and the bleak outlook for the DeFi industry, automated bots are jeopardizing the fairness of innocent customers' investments.

To deter bots from purchasing before people when first liquidity is launched, they will inform the token contract.
They also believe that imposing a transfer charge will effectively outlaw arbitrage and front-run bots. At the completion of the fair, they will announce the maximum supply of native tokens with a predetermined emission rate.
Users may then estimate when emissions will peak and develop an investment strategy based on that information.

HoneyFarm Route Map
HoneyFarm's marketing and operational plan are open and well-defined.
On HoneyFarm, this route map will be beneficial for DYOR. Their primary goal is to improve HoneyFarm's sweetness.

Promotional Announcement
1. Ape O'Clock paid banner advertising and promotion
2. Review by RugDoc
3. Paid ads on RugDoc.io
4. Promoted List on CoinSniper.net
5. Paid banner ads on Poocoin
6. Promotion on BSCDaily

HoneyFarm Listings

HoneyFarm Operation
Landing Page Launch
Website Launch
HONEY Contract Announcement
Meme Contest
Advertising and Promotion
Honey Keeper Protocol Launch
Initial liquidity supply to Honey-BNB and Honey-BUSD pools
Farming start
Layer 2 Farm Launching just prior to 24,650 tokens being minted with Honey pools and Farms
Teaser of sweet Layer 2 farm features

HoneyFarm Tokenomics
The way this cryptocurrency interacts with the rest of the ecosystem is incredible. It's worth investing in because of the token distribution and how they may be utilized to reward positive behavior in the network.
Name: HoneyFarm Token
Symbol: HONEY
Chain: Binance Smart Chain(BEP-20)
Total Supply: Limited to 24,650 HONEY

A Tinge of Layer 3
The HONEY and Bxx native tokens will be rewarded by the HoneyFarm team.
Before the launch of Layer 3, native Layer 3 tokens will be mined with HONEY and Bxx on Royal Jelly!
The Land of HONEY and MAX PROFIT!



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