Joseph Vessecchia explains Cold Calling 101: Tips for Converting Leads

Joseph Vessecchia
Mar 13 · 3 min read
Cold calling doesn’t have to be a dreaded experience, explains software salesman Joseph Vessecchia.

Cold calling can be pretty intimidating, but at the end of the day, it can yield massive rewards. If you’ve been avoiding cold calls because you think prospective leads will be impossible to convert, don’t worry. With the right cold calling strategy, you can close deals, forge strong relationships with leads, and boost your bottom line.

Joseph Vessecchia explains some important tips for converting leads:

Nail Your Introduction

It doesn’t matter how great your sales pitch is if your lead never gets to hear it. If you don’t start your call off with an engaging introduction, then people will immediately switch into an uninterested mindset. They will either tell you right away that they aren’t interested, or hang up on you.

The first ten seconds of your cold call set the tone, so you want to nail your introduction. There are a few essential things to talk about here. First, make sure you mention your name and company. It’s true that the lead doesn’t care much about either of these things, but it establishes professionalism and credibility.

From there, go into a quick one sentence sales pitch asking for a minute of their time. If they agree, use the industry-specific and role-specific pitch advice mentioned previously. Essentially, give a reason why similar organizations and persons with a similar title care about your product. (If they don’t agree, put a note in the CRM to call them in a couple of weeks.) After your pitch, ask for a second meeting — preferably within the week.

Maintain the Call, Close the Deal

The longer you can keep someone on the line, the more likely it is that the call will end in the purchase of your product or service. Joseph Vessecchia advises that the key to keeping your call going is to always take rein of the conversation. But also, to ask engaging questions. Always have a topic to transition to, and if you freeze, just ask a question to buy some time until you manage to think of one.

Most importantly, show them that they aren’t the fifteenth person you’ve blindly called today. Look at their LinkedIn profile. Find their bio on their ‘about’ page. Figure out who their competitors are. Speak like they write. If you pull this off, you’re going to dominate the cold call and earn their time and respect.

Your sales pitch should gradually evolve into a bit of back-and-forth, and once that slows down, decide if you want to sell them on your product now or if you want to book a follow-up call later. With easy purchases, you may as well close the deal while you have their interest. However, with services or subscriptions that might take a bit of unpacking, require a lot of information from the lead, or if you just feel like you’re pushing your luck, say something like: “Do you have your calendar nearby? Let’s schedule a follow-up so we can sink our teeth into this. Unless you’re up for it now.”

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