Did Anyone In Washington Ask You If You Wanted A New Cold War?
Caitlin Johnstone

The American capitalist ruling class, through its intelligence and covert action arm of the state (CIA), finally infiltrated the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, sabotaged the economy, and bankrupted it through the arms race. The Soviet Union never knew a moment’s peace during its 70-odd years of existence, but during that time until CIA agent Gorbachev played a pivotal role in giving up on socialism, the USSR had provided ALL of its citizens with guaranteed housing, employment, education and healthcare. Not bad for a country that started the 20th century as a feudal backwater and endured two massive invasions in 20 years — first by practically all the Western capitalist powers during the Foreign Interventionist Russian Civil War and then by Hitler’s Nazi army . . . all the while cheered on by the West.

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