I was with him though i’m not:

I alway sees that someday when the time comes , i will be with him , spending my day and night with the one i love
I always dream that someday were walk on the aisle , smiling side by side and promise that we will never hold back
I pray that we ended up together, i always pray that it will be . But sometimes i felt like crying because i know that it will never happen. For some people who did’nt know the real meaning of love . For some people who didnt experience how to be love back , for me who experience love by the person whom i can’t love , and i love the person who can’t look me in his eyes . It’s so selfless of me that sometimes his happiness is my only reason for me to give up on him . I need to stop before it’s to late .
He does’nt love me, that’s what i can say. Since the very first time , he ca’nt love me, i know for a fact the real reason why he ca’nt and it hurts everyday that i see him happy while i’m miserable . For some reason , i can’t be happy for him, nor for them . I felt like my world just turn upside down but i can’t do anything about it, i have no plan though.
But sometimes i think that maybe we will end up together but no, it will never happen . It is just my hopes , my memories, my fate that will remain forever . I wish that it’s just a dream because it really hurts seeing your love, loving another person .
I am not a rebound, nor his ex. But i wonder why am i hurt? Why i need to think of him , even it cause me to get hurt. It cause me cry hard . It cause me , to think of him. But maybe , i was not enough , maybe i wasn’t meant for him . I just can’t help but to cry .

I was with him though i’m not, but clearly it’s just him and her. And i just left behind , crying because , he doesn’t love me enough . Wait, he does not love me at all.

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