A Filipina and her husband celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary

Photo copy pasted from Marlene’s Facebook wall.

A Love that Lasts

(For Marlene Damolo Howe and her darling Donnie 
on their 23rd wedding anniversary)

A true love is a precious gem 
that’s hard to find and fun to keep.
It’s somewhat like a happy dream 
where one is not required to sleep.

In waking hours, enjoy your time.
Love with your mind and with your heart.
A lasting marriage is sublime
and plays a stabilizing part.

Life in this world, in full display,
is ever in a constant flux.
There’s nothing certain, as they say,
except the dreaded death and tax.

There is no wedded life unscarred 
by problems or by tragedies.
Nor there’s a mate who is unmarred
by some imperfect qualities.

But one may love on nonetheless
because to love is to decide.
Some seek another mate’s caress
yet by that means does joy abide?

And so the Filipino trait 
of sticking fast through thick and thin
oft ends up in a happier fate 
than changing partner now and then.

Congratulations then to you
and to your Donnie darling dear!
May blessings pour down and imbue 
your home with bliss from year to year!

— Jose Rizal M. Reyes 
April 8, 2016 Friday 11:58 PM

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