Ceasefire in Syria agreed upon by the US and Russia;
 ISIS and other terrorist groups not included

❤ by Jose Rizal M. Reyes / February 24, 2016

For those who worry about World War III erupting in the Middle East, this should be received as good news. A ceasefire in Syria was recently agreed upon by US and Russian negotiators, as revealed in a video by Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Russian president Vladimir Putin and US president Barack Obama talking about Syria during the G20 summit held in Los Cabos, Mexico way back in 2012.

The ceasefire will start on the first hour of February 28, Damascus time. The Islamic State and other terrorist groups are excluded from the ceasefire agreement.

I have great confidence in the pragmatism, basic decency and cool-headedness of the Russian president. This has been sufficiently shown and proven in how he dealt with international crisis, including the banning of chemical weapons in Syria.

In a related development, prior to the announcement about the ceasefire, US presidential candidate Donald Trump said that the US and Russia can cooperate greatly with one another. Maybe this is why Putin likes Trump because that is also what he has been wanting to happen all these past several years.

A few years before Trump ran for the presidency, I have already been saying that Russia wanted to cooperate with the West but it is the West that seemed to be reluctant. Even after the Ukraine crisis, Putin kept on using the phrase “our American partners” — his favorite phrase to use when referring to the US.

Interviewed by a leading German paper after the Ukraine crisis erupted, , former US state secretary Henry Kissinger was unhappy with the rupture in US-American relation, expressed his belief that Russia wanted to be part of the West, and hoped that the relationship could be repaired.

Let’s hope the ceasefire will hold and will be respected by allies and partners of both the US and Russia. I hope this will be the beginning of a new era of US-Russian friendship, something prophesied by the great French seer Michel Nostradamus.