The Second American Revolution

(A poem for the American people specially composed
to celebrate the forthcoming inauguration of Donald Trump
as 45th president of the United States of America)

“Jose, can you see?”
 — the garbled opening line of the US national anthem

Photo via Google

Yes, I can see the Starry Banner proudly waving
o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.
Across the Pacific, we join the Heroes’ cheering
and send felicitations northeast wave by wave.

The night is dark and hellish spirits roam the planet.
The witching hour is ruled by greed and drenched in blood.
The few-owned captive press the air with falsehood blanket
as dumbed down rabbles fill streets like a raging flood.

Infernal forces plague the earth in various places
yet oftentimes they pose as if they are of Light. 
Like Gog and Magog they comprise opposing armies;
or they’re unholy allies like the ones in sight.

O Heaven’s Trump Card, end the globalism nightmare!
Defang the cabal and restore Democracy!
The shadow government can’t serve the People’s welfare.
Annul its foul control installed maliciously!

They can go into action at a minute’s notice, hence their name the “Minutemen”.
A revolutionary-era painting on the Minutemen.
The Battle of Concord. The Minutemen on the bridge were fired upon.

Rise, Patriots, and make America great again!
For the glorious dawning day — fight, new Minutemen!
Take back your country, drain the swamp, and let us begin
to build the gold-based Golden Age of golden men!

In other countries, immigration’s regulated:
Fulfill this right and duty of a proper State!
Let there be jobs! Let general wealth be created!
In all fields once again endeavor to be great!

Former US president George W. Bush and the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia holding hands.

Don’t let your soldiers fight abroad to serve big business
nor let the laws be tailored for a ruling class. 
But let the I AM Race uphold both Life and Justice, 
a force for good past whom no tyranny can pass!

Declaration of Independence, a painting by John Trumbull depicting the Committee of Five presenting their draft of the Declaration of Independence to the Congress on June 28, 1776. Trumbull’s painting appears on the reverse of the United States two-dollar bill. (Photo and caption from Wikipedia)

Your Founding Fathers recognized God as Creator;
the Declaration clearly states it, I should say.
They saw Him too as Judge, Lawgiver and Protector.
So please restore in schools the children’s right to pray.

Federal Reserve Bank building.
This eposter says it all.

Delete the Fed! It violates the Constitution 
per Clause 5, Section 8 of firstmost Article.
This banksters’ grandiose racket is a usurpation 
of power meant for Congress. What a debacle!

Philippine natives defeated a Spanish force led by Ferdinand Magellan.
A mural of Philippine patriotism at the turn of the 20th century.

Patriotism is a sign of Love and Wisdom.
Defend your Motherland! We, likewise, every whit!
Then we can negotiate, as nations steeped in Freedom,
on things we jointly do for common benefit.

A billboard showing a pictures of President-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Photo and caption by Snopes)

The Russians and the Syrians, they do not yearn for battle;
but they’ve expressed their wish for friendship and for peace. 
The US must decide if it would test their mettle 
or otherwise prefer that violence should cease.

The Ox Tongue Map of China otherwise known as the 9-dash line map.
The Dinosaur Poo Map of China, commonly referred to as China’s world map or China’s 251-dash map.

Salami-slicing Hans are thieving troublemakers. 
They aim to topple you from being Number One. 
They must be firmly faced right in Asiatic waters.
Their neighbors side with you to do what must be done.

Around our blessed orb, there stirs a new excitement 
from snowy Arctic Pole down to Antarctica. 
From West to East, as pundits analyze the portent, 
the world awaits the birth of new America!

Yes, I can see the Starry Banner waving proudly:
at home or foreign shore, it flutters triumphant!
The Land of Liberty, her Torch shining brightly,
shall lead by Chivalry a planet ascendant!

— Jose Rizal M. Reyes 
Proud Deplorable from the Philippines, yo!
November 24–30, 2016

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