To Avoid War, China Must Obey the Principles of Jen, He and Shu
by Jose Rizal M. Reyes / poet-philosopher / January 31, 2017

“US-China war increasingly a ‘reality,’ Chinese army official says” 

There is nothing unusual in this subject about war becoming imminent. By their very nature, Armies everywhere were established to defend Peace or conduct War. Those are the two purposes of Armies since time immemorial.

Is the Trump Administration getting more aggressive towards China, especially in the Asian waters? No, not more aggressive but more responsible than previous American administrations. It is China that has become increasingly aggressive over the past many years. China’s neighbors as well as distant countries like the US are merely reacting to China’s increasing aggressiveness.

Those who want to avoid war involving major powers should address their concern to China, not to the US or any other countries. It is China that must step back from the brink. It must end its progressive aggressiveness, withdraw from areas it illegally infiltrated, and learn to live by international law as well as by the lofty principles laid down by China’s sages — especially jen (benevolence), he (harmony) and shu (reciprocity).

This essay was first posted in Facebook last January 31, 2017:

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